Play by yourself!

Did you know that there are two year olds who will play without constant input from their parents?

Yeah. I know. It doesn’t seem possible to me either. Mine is currently sitting at my feet under my desk trying to get into my filing box while crumbling a cracker over my toes. She was on my lap, but for once I won the battle for control of the keyboard.

[Actually, that was at least 10 minutes ago, since then we’ve been potty, had a tantrum because she has to poop and doesn’t want to, and now have her sitting behind me in the office chair with her hand up my shirt because I won’t let her sit in my lap and push buttons and the hysterics were distracting.]

She doesn’t play independently. I’m pretty sure if I could explain the concept of playing independently to her she would throw herself on the floor and scream at the thought. Then if she hadn’t gotten enough attention from the tantrum, she would point out to me that she was screaming. Calmly. With tears running down her face.  Then she would want to cuddle.

Supposedly, children do learn to play by themselves. Supposedly. I’ve seen brief snippets. Occasional half hours that make me hope that someday I may have to seek her out to play with her. That someday I will be able to share quality time with her where I can plan activities that we will both enjoy. People claim that one day I will miss this. I’m pretty sure I don’t believe them.

Right now,  I am an unhappy mommy who wants more than three feet of personal space.