All Clean and Sparkle-y!

We are all clean and sparkle-y.  Or mostly clean and, speaking only for myself, I don’t see any sparkles. However, Fiona says that we are all clean and sparkle-y.

So is the bathroom.

They say you should never leave a baby unattended in the bath. The baby could drown. To some extent I agree with this.  Don’t leave a child that cannot right themselves in any amount of water without supervision for even a second. It only takes once.

On the other hand, you can take it too far. I talked to a woman once who sat in the bathroom for all of her four-year-olds baths.  I thought that was kind of excessive. I think that there’s a middle ground, an age before adulthood at which you can stop believing that they’ll die if you don’t stand over them with bubble wrap and heart defibrillator at the ready.

So, Fiona gets to take baths and showers by herself. I stay upstairs, but I don’t constantly guard over her every breath. She’s good in the water. She swims in the pool. She doesn’t submerge herself and doesn’t jump in the bath.  She’s pretty safe.

I took a shower and got out, putting Fiona into the tub with the detachable shower wand in her hand as it filled up. Normally she uses it to spray her belly and back and keep herself warm while the tub fills.

Not today. Today she played with it making designs in the air. Swooshes and curls that made the water dance. She called to me from the bathroom, “Mommy, it’s all sparkle-y!”

I called back, from my bedroom,  with my shirt partway over my head, “Yes, Baby.”

It wasn’t until I walked into the bathroom that I realized that I should have questioned that “it’s”. What’s all sparkle-y? As it turns out, the ceiling. And the toilet, and the counter, and the brand new roll of toilet paper. And the training potty, and the dirty laundry, and the clean towels and about a quarter inch depth on the floor.

Yeah. As it turns out, there is an arc at which the shower sprays right over the top of the shower door.  I tell her to STOP. As I open the shower door, she looks up at me, all smiles and says, “I get out now. I all clean and sparkle-y! And cold.” Then she looks at the bathroom and looks at me accusingly and says, “It all wet.”

Never leave a toddler unattended. Anywhere. Especially the bath.


2 thoughts on “All Clean and Sparkle-y!

  1. I was eating a bowl of honey bunches of aots and milk when I was reading this on my much belated breakfast break at work……That was a bad plan. I laughed so hard I chocked, and almost ended up backflowing the excess pressure of cereal and milk up through my nose. I love you. your girl is too precious! And honestly…you would have seen that one coming if you hadn’t been so sleep deprived.

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