To Do:

I am so tired.

I had a To Do list today. That was dumb. I shouldn’t do that to myself. Occasionally, though, I am seized by this irrational and self-punishing desire to Get Things Done.

Today, I had our car. It was my second day of Freedom. Yes, Freedom. My husband’s company gave him a company car to drive because he was costing them too much in mileage compensation.  It will be sad losing that extra money, but, Oh, Freedom.

Fiona likes the car. She likes the freedom, the going places, the doing things. She is a happier child when we can go to the store and the park and the library.  When she’s happier, so am I.

Today, I decided that, since I had the car I should use it to Get Things Done. So, after I had fed us breakfast, played Fruit Ninja and Kinect Adventures with Fiona for an hour, gotten us both showered and dressed, brushed both our hair, read three stories, done four surveys, made beds, folded and put away one load of laundry, and made us lunch,  I decided I should Do Something with my day.

So, I made a list.  It was a page long.

While I was making my list I realized I needed to check my budget, so I spent a half hour updating my spreadsheet and figuring out what bills I still need to pay this month and setting up the next sheet for next month.

Next, I started in on The List.  Or, Rather, I tried to. Fiona announced that she Had To Go Potty. Then she decided that she wanted to ride her tricycle.

So, I decided to tackle getting the boxes out of the garage first. Yes. The boxes from when we moved into our new place at the end of November. Those boxes.

I loaded them into the car and kept Fiona from being run over by people coming and going. I reminded her not to hit the car with rocks. Twice. I showed her how to pedal and steer and helped her brush herself off when she fell over.  By the time the car was loaded it was two in the afternoon.

We came back inside to go potty one more time. Then we walked out to the car and came right back in to look up directions to the recycling transfer station.  Then we loaded up and drove, not to the recycling station, but to a nearby college because I can’t tell left from right.

Fiona can. She told me each time I turned, after we turned around, whether I was turning left or right.

We finally made it, unloaded our boxes and came home. Then we went back out to tackle one of the fun things on The List. We were going to go to Joannes Fabrics to get cork-board to make a household organizer board.

We wandered for 20 minutes, then asked for help. No luck. They were out, or it had moved, and, one way or another, two clerks and a computer system couldn’t help us find it. So, we gave up.

I had spent my time driving thinking of what to make for dinner. I had settled on hot-dogs, but needed to pick up some that Fiona could eat, because the regular grocery store variety all have corn syrup. I was on the right side of town, so I swung off at the specialty grocery.  It was packed.

We got hot-dogs. Two people commented on how much they loved Fiona’s hair.

We came home and parked and Fiona declared that she wanted to play on the grass. As she said, “I want to play in the grass and trees. No, I want to LIVE in the grass and trees.” It’s hard to argue with that. Though I did insist that we come inside and put the hot-dogs in the refrigerator.

We played in the grass, games of tag, but with fewer rules. We played at marching and running and hopping. We ran ourselves breathless. Then I got bitten by a mosquito. So, we came inside.

And now, I am done. I am tired. It is nearly time to start working on getting dinner on the table and I confess that I’m going to have to be a little creative because at the beginning of the week I had a plan and I froze the hot-dog buns and I’ve only just realized that they’re still blocks of ice.

Wish me luck. I’ve had a long day. I really did do something today. I had to remind myself, because I can only cross one thing off The List.



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