Too Much.

The more I take Fiona around other kids, the more I realize that while she is social and outgoing and adventurous, she is probably also an introvert. To most of our society that’s going to sound like an oxymoron. You can’t be introverted and outgoing, can you?

I think you can. I think introversion and extroversion have a lot to do with how much of what you think you say (How big is your brain mouth filter?) and where you find your energy (Do lots of people give you calm energy or burn off your energy and make you tired?).  My sweet outgoing little girl who wants to play with all the kids is an introvert.

I took her to the gymnastics gym today. They have an open play for kids under five once a week. She loved it. We were there for an hour and she ran and turned somersaults (barrel rolls, I was corrected by the gymnast wandering the floor) and laughed and jumped with the other kids. She had a blast.

When the time was up we got her shoes and left. She left willingly calling out, “Goodbye, Everybody!”

Then we got to the car. She melted down. She didn’t want to sit in the car. Her shoes were too big. Her shoes were to small. She was cold. She hated her jacket. She wanted a bottle. She wanted a blanket. She didn’t want to go home. She wanted to go to the park.  She was “Really sad today. And really frustrated with Mommy. And really mad. And really hungry.” (By the way, Kiddo, awesome job using your words!)

She was in short, overwhelmed.

She had burned through her reserve. She had used up all the energy that lets her deal with people and changes.  She had had too much.

When she’s dropped off with other children, I’ve been told that she asks to go to the bathroom far more often than she needs to use it. She uses potty breaks to get the space she needs from the noise and the people.

My charming outgoing little girl is probably an introvert. She thinks before she speaks. She recharges by being alone.  I understand though. I’m the same way.

We are outgoing introverts. Maybe we should do some research, I bet there are more of us out there than you’d imagine.



3 thoughts on “Too Much.

    • I’ve been wondering if this is something that comes up a lot when people fall right on the line in personality tests between extroversion and introversion. I bet that that chunk of people tends to belong to that outgoing introverts group.

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