Rain Check

It is rainy here today. I wouldn’t have thought that I’d appreciate a rainy day ever again when we first moved down here from the Portland area, but it’s nice. It’s a steady spring rain that’s soaking everything (including my barely planted garden).

It’s such a gray day that the sky has seemed to get darker as the day progresses. It’s gloomy. It’s slowing me down. It’s sapping my energy and motivation. I’m enjoying it.

Sometimes a lazy day is nice. Sometimes I want to curl up and slack off and I find it way harder to do that on a bright, sunny, crisp day. I feel guilty if I don’t put my all into getting stuff done and going out and meeting people and doing when the sun is shining.

When the world is gray and wet and rainy, though it seems like a natural part of life to slow down. To sit on the couch and read. To snooze while Fiona watches Sesame Street. To do nothing important.

I’m going to have a lazy day today. I’m going to let my girl watch way too much TV. I’m not going to try. I’m not going to work hard. I’m just going to chill out. I’m going to let the weather tell me that today is a day for curling up. A day to take it easy.

Today I’m taking a rain-check on life.


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