A Messy House is a Good Thing

Today is a very good day. My couch is covered in crumbs. There are toys everywhere. There is a half eaten loaf of homemade banana bread on my counter and there are two (TWO!) dirty coffee cups at my kitchen table.

We had a play date this morning. Better, we made friends this morning!

We’ve been struggling to find people who we get along with in this town. Most of the people I meet, I’ve been left feeling awkward and out-of-place around. It’s a conservative town and, well, I’m not.

That has been complicated by my Fiona girl. She also has kids she clicks with and doesn’t. On rare occasions that I got along with a parent, Fiona had little in common with their children. (The reverse was also true a number of times.)

The two girls are only two months apart in age and practicing the same skills in sharing and playing together and attention spans. They are well matched in interests and aptitudes. (Two little girls playing catch when neither of them can is hilarious and wonderful.)

And, the best part is that neither of us moms is perfect. We happily shared stories of traumatizing our children (I will tell you about the buzzy bee tomorrow), and too much television, and imperfect lives. It was the first time, since we moved, that I haven’t felt lonely during the day.

I have hope. And a messy house. And that  is a very good thing.


6 thoughts on “A Messy House is a Good Thing

  1. Yup, Friday’s were great. You two going to start doing them? I kind of seriously need to get myself a group of people to start doing those girl’s days again here. Just kind of waiting until medical stuff settles down for me first.

    • I don’t know if we’ll do anything so regular as those Fridays were, but the next time we’re planning a play date that lasts past lunch. We end up talking non-stop and don’t want the playdates to end.

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