“Who’s there?” I answer, wondering where she heard knock-knock jokes.

“I Dr. Seuss.” She answers grinning.

“Dr. Seuss, who?” I reply, wondering where she’s taking this.

“Dr. Seuss funny!” She says and giggles wildly.

I have to laugh because she’s trying so hard, but it’s not there yet. Whatever it is that causes children to get verbal humor, isn’t there yet.  She’s very into physical comedy though and she thinks that the absurd is wonderful.

Toddlers are great for that. I put a toy cat on my head and I’m the funniest person on earth.  I kept her entertained for thirty minutes while waiting at the Sheriffs Office to be fingerprinted (trying to volunteer at the YMCA) by telling her “Gazuntite” when she sneezed (and pretended to sneeze).

Pretending to fall or to be knocked over or to be surprised is worth precious giggles. And those giggles are worth enough to me that I’ll do almost anything to get them. They’re like giggle crack!

Even so, I agree that Dr. Seuss is funny.  We are especially fond of Green Eggs and Ham and Horton Hatches the Egg.

So, when do children get verbal humor?


8 thoughts on ““Knock-Knock”

  1. Depends entirely on the child. and their understanding of language. Expect it early with Fiona. She’ll learnt o put two and two together to get soon enough.

  2. The only verbal humor my 2 year old daughter grasps is “Guess who?” answer: “Chicken poo!” compliments of her ever hysterical father.

  3. Ooh we just learned about this in Childhood development, too. I don’t remember the social/brain development that makes them “get” it, but it’s around 5 or 6, I think.

    • Oooh. So we have a lot more interesting, non-linear knock-knock jokes ahead of us! Todays, was “Knock-Knock” “Who’s there?” “Dr. Seuss.” “Dr. Seuss, who?” “Dr. Seuss in the car.”

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