Bubble Monster

Fiona is a bubble monster. She loves bubbles. It is a passion that is greater than her desire to go to the park, her addiction to Angry Birds, and she will over-ride all her personal needs to have bubbles.

She loves bubbles.

Here you can see her, shivering, pale, and sopping wet, but refusing to come in the house.

I, on the other hand, am less enamored. Bubbles are messy. They get all over everything. No matter how careful you are the soapy, slimy, sticky bubble liquid always gets all over everything. Yuck.

And I get light-headed when I blow bubbles. So, when we moved, I decided to give myself a break and “forgot” the bubbles.  And, because she’s two, it worked. (For the Record, I do feel guilty. It wasn’t nice.)

Last week though, she watched a show that included bubbles and she remembered how much she loves them. And so she asked. And asked. And asked. My daughter is incredibly persistent.

She once again owns bubbles. The cool thing is that she can blow them herself now. The problem is, she doesn’t want to. She wants me to blow them with her.

All. The. Time.

The last few days have been chilly and rainy. I might be willing to stand in the sunshine and hyper-ventilate for my charming girl, but I’m less willing to do so in the rain. I’m selfish like that.  So, she’s been pretty frustrated.

I’ve been refusing to come out in the cold. Refusing to let her blow bubbles in the house. And insisting that she is cold and she does have to come inside.

She shows her frustration by screaming.  At the top of her lungs. To put her down. And that she, “Don’t want, don’t want. I want my Daddy! Daddy!” I’m beginning to be concerned that someone is going to believe that I’m abducting her.

Still, yesterday, before it started raining, I did help her blow bubbles. I wanted photos.I confess, that as I watched the swirling patterns of rainbows on their surface and their reflection of the winter bared trees, I remembered why bubbles are amazing.

Once the bubbles exist, they’re pretty cool.  From a scientific point of view, they’re fantastic. Bubbles are the ultimate representation of thin films. They have wonderful light diffracting and refracting properties. They show marvelous aspects of surface tension.

My daughter is right about so many things. She was wrong though, she was very cold.


8 thoughts on “Bubble Monster

  1. You need a bubble gun. I have two..because at 29 years old, I STILL LOVE BUBBLES!
    Remeber when we were walking through that CHristmas fair where I bought Fiona’s King Louie? I baught a bubble gun there. Becuase Eric didn’t have the wind to blow bubbles either. Go to the dollar store. Right after easter they sell the big bubble wants that you spin with. She’s big enough for those now.

  2. Bubbles really are magical–but it takes a small child to get them fully imbued with all of their bubblicious magic powers. Good that you’ve reclaimed a little of your tolerance, if not patience for bubble-making, if only because we get to see this adorable shot of Fiona making magic! Chris is ingenious in suggesting a bubble gun. Heck, *I* might need to get one now that the idea is planted, and I am childless and over 50. Which I suppose is the virtual equivalent of being a child again myself, so maybe it’s still legit. 😉

    • I tried to photograph the bubbles as well. We’ll see how those turn out once I get them into the computer. I’m hoping I can post some cool shots of the bubbles as well as her.

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