It’s Not that Bad

Last night she slept fine. As well as can be expected, at least. She needed the rest after the night before where she hacked and wheezed her way through the night and ended up getting up with me at around 4:30, because she started a barking croupy cough.

Cool air and being upright were enough to stop it in it’s tracks. Which is good, because I really don’t like taking her to doctors.  Doctors trips always go like this with us:

Me: She has croup and needs a breathing treatment.
Doctor: Well, we’ll just take a look at her. What symptoms does she have and when did she start?
Me: She had a congested nose starting yesterday afternoon. Congested breathing at bedtime, eight p.m., and started the stridor cough at 2am. It was very dry in her room, so I took her out in the rain wrapped up in a big blanket for 20 minutes but it didn’t help and she is having retractions (sucking in) between her ribs to her collarbones. Could we please start a breathing treatment?
Doctor: And you’re sure she didn’t swallow anything?
Me (frustrated): Yes. She has croup. Please, call the breathing treatment people.
Doctor: Hmmm….
(Doctor waits another 45 minutes, then walks in cheerfully as though he’s solved the problem.)
Doctor: She has croup! I’ll just give the breathing treatment guy a call…
Me (Thinking): No Shit, Sherlock! 

You can see why we don’t like visiting doctors.

Anyhow, we were lucky. She has a cold, or croup, but it hasn’t been that bad this time. She feels miserable. I feel like I’m going to fall over from exhaustion, but things have definitely been worse. It’s not a long term problem and I don’t have to convince anyone to listen to me.

She’s still sick. It still sucks. But really, it’s not that bad.


5 thoughts on “It’s Not that Bad

  1. I don’t think I could return to a pediatrician like that.

    I don’t like to take mine to the doctor because they tend to bring home six germs that we didn’t already have. Hope your little one is feeling better soon.

    • That was an ER doctor, not our pediatrician. Although we’ve seen our share of lousy doctors trying to figure out her food allergies.

      Me (holding a six week old who has been nursing non-stop around the clock for her entire life and screaming if she can’t nurse): Something is wrong.
      Doctor: Some babies just cry.
      Me: I think she has food allergies.
      Doctor: Some babies cry. Have we talked about postpartum depression?

      We leave and get a new pediatrician. She’s allergic to milk, soy, corn, eggs and cinnamon.

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