Easily Amused

Getting ready for tomorrow’s [Friday’s] play-date, I let Fiona have the vacuum cleaner.

This was very effective.

Exhibit A. Toddler with Vacuum.

She liked vacuuming the living room floor so much that she dumped out her snack, Cheerios, all over, then vacuumed it back up. Then she asked for more Cheerios.

One of the great things about two-year-olds is that you can give them ordinary things and they think you’ve given them a special present. She thanked me for the vacuum cleaner when I put her to bed.

I did say ‘no’ when she asked for a third round of Cheerios.Β  A parent has to set limits.


4 thoughts on “Easily Amused

    • It’s so cool. We use empty containers as drums, used paper towel rolls as spy-scopes. And, clearly, the vacuum is a hit.
      So much easier than a billion bits of plastic stuff too!

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