Taking My Own Advice!

Owie! Fiona threw a plastic ring at me in the pool and it hit hard enough to split the skin on the bridge of my nose. Now I have a headache, and don’t really want to talk about how awesome I am for working out today.

But, I am. I worked out today. A full thirty minutes of my heart-rate up over 150bpm. Yay! Go me!

I’ve also lost 2 pounds so far this week.

This is all really good stuff because if I don’t like something, I have to change it. (See, taking my own good advice.) I don’t like the way my body looks or feels, so I’m using diet and exercise to change it!

I did read something depressing, though. As it turns out, disrupted sleep significantly lowers your metabolism. Study. This really is discouraging, but I’m going to have to just work that much harder.

I can’t fix the sleep thing, but I can work on the other stuff.

I will have a body I don’t hate.

Also, who’s bright idea was it to teach my daughter to throw. I should put that kid in softball or something!


2 thoughts on “Taking My Own Advice!

  1. If I remember correctly, you are the one who typically threatens your husband when he’s being particularly annoying with the phrase “I will throw things at your head.” *giggles*

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