I think my daughter is brilliant. I also totally discount my own opinion because I am totally biased. I think being biased is actually a good thing.

Today, when we were eating lunch, we had the following conversation:

I gave her a glass of Almond milk and she asked, “Mommy, are you having a glass of milk too?”

I smiled at her, “Yeah, I think I will. Milk is good for our bones.”

She looked puzzled, so I continued, “Inside your arms and legs and body are bones. Milk will help make our bones nice and strong.  Mommy has bones, too!”

She looked me for a moment, then nodded, “Like the dinosaurs. Is skeleton.”

See, she’s brilliant. We were talking about  dinosaurs last week and how they aren’t around anymore, but we study them by digging their skeletons out of the dirt. When she asked me what a skeleton was, I told her it was the bones that had been inside the dinosaur.

She’s also good with numbers. She counts, sorts, understands more/less, can order things by amount, will guess how many objects there are on a table. Really, when I put it all together, she’s about halfway through the Kindergarten math objectives.

She knows her alphabet, knows her alphabet sounds, can recognize her name, can sound out cat and hat, and is starting to try to draw letters.

She drew a face the other day with eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair.

She hops, stands on one foot, somersaults and walks on the curb like a balance beam.

She plays complex games of pretend and has an imaginary puppy.

She understands and follows the rules of tag.

Like I said, she’s brilliant and I’m biased.



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