Eye Goop! Yuck!

My girl has an eye infection. Poor little mite. Her eye is swollen mostly shut and is producing foul, yucky, green goop. Yuck!

We’re back in voluntary quarantine, except for a trip to the doctor yesterday. This making friends business seems to involve a lot of germs! She and I are both struggling with it. We both prefer our active, outside life. I prefer to have more interesting things to do than sit in front of a computer. She just wants to explore the whole world.

She panicked this morning when she woke up because she couldn’t open her eye. I understand the feeling. When I was about 6, I went to bed okay, but woke up with a bad eye infection. Both eyes were completely gummed shut. I still remember the way my heart felt, pounding in my chest, as I stumbled into my mothers room, and announced with a shaking voice, “Well, I guess I’m blind now!”

She definitely has my sympathy. She wants my company and presence in the way that only sick toddlers can. She wants to pet my face with her germ-y, loving little hands. I want very much not to have eye-yuck!

Our solution? More bubble blowing!


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