Use your time wisely

“You have about 45 minutes remaining. Use your time wisely.”

Does anybody else remember doing the standardized tests and having your teachers say this to the class?  I always loved it because that was my cue to start skipping questions that I didn’t know the answers to, so that I could come back to them if I had the time. It was my heads up that it was time to focus on just the important stuff.

That’s how I feel about naps. As I’m writing this, Fiona is sleeping (I think because we’re cutting out all screen time today), and she’ll probably sleep for another 45 minutes or so.

I have choices about what I can do with this time. I can do nothing. I can amble aimlessly about the Internet or I could clean my bathrooms or I could focus on the things that actually matter. I can pick an art project and work on it. I can write. I can call a friend. I can do something just for me.

Strange isn’t it, how random lines from our childhoods echo after us?

“You have 45 minutes. Use your time wisely.” I think I need to apply this to her awake time too…

(14 hours later)

… so my bathrooms still haven’t been scrubbed, but we built a robot. It seemed like a wiser use of our time.


2 thoughts on “Use your time wisely

  1. lol…I’d forgotten about that. But that’s actually something good to remember. This post also reminded me again that adults tend to forgot that it’s okay to play too. I’ve actually been working on building more “play time” into my schedule, since I realized I’ve slacked off on it in recent months with everything going on. Playtime…whether it’s with little kids, other friends, or by yourself really does help with coping with stress.

  2. I don’t always know what to do when my kids are napping or resting either! Do I relax and have me time or do I get some chores done (clean house, clean mind!) so I can spend more quality time with the kids later?

    Personally the most beneficial thing is for me to find something to do that is satisfying but doesn’t leave me needing/wanting more. If I watch a couple of episodes of a good show on Netflix I’m disappointed when the kids wake up and feel like I didn’t have enough “time”, because it went by so quickly and I want more. Whereas if I do something like read my Bible or write in my journal or exercise or something it’s beneficial, it’s a break, but I’m not desperate for more time to do it. 🙂

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