Sugar is dangerous.

Food is yummy. Especially chocolate.  Despite this, we’re trying, as a family to eat healthier. I pretty much like most foods, though. I do draw the line at one of Fiona’s creations, chocolate almond milk over Cheerios. Yuck! But, she seems to like it so I usually allow it, as a treat.

I don’t allow it as a replacement for the turkey sandwich that she asked for less than five minutes ago. Just… No. My main reason being that it takes more than sugar to power a growing little girl.

I tried explaining this.

“Fiona, Sweetheart, you have to eat your turkey sandwich. You need the healthy energy in it. You need the protein in it. You can’t have the chocolate milk, it’s full of sugar. Sugar is tasty, but we can only eat a little bit of it or else we feel icky.”

She looked at me and frowned, “Sugar make me feel icky?”

I nodded, happy that my point was getting through to her, “That’s right!”

“Oh.” She said, “If I eat sugar I be on fire!”

“What? No!” I said, wondering where she got that, “No, you’ll just feel icky.”

“No. I eat sugar I be on fire. I burst right in flames!” She nodded emphatically. “I have a cookie?”

I’m really not sure what to say to that. It’s so far astray that I’m pretty sure that the path got turned into a cactus and we’re actually on a space-shuttle to our new home on mars. “No, you can’t have a cookie. Would you like regular milk on Cheerios or would you like your sandwich?”

I learned something today. Sugar is far more dangerous than I could have possibly imagined. Evidently, it causes spontaneous combustion in creative toddlers.


2 thoughts on “Sugar is dangerous.

  1. lol…perfect way to start the morning. I love that. Now everytime I eat sugar I’m going to hear Fiona saying “I eat sugar I be on fire!”

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