If only I were

It needs some editing work. I’m not quite satisfied with the meter of it yet, but the theme is good.

Friendly Fara Froggy oggles her reflection,
feels lonesome, mourns that she’s not sleek
like Slender Sue.
“If I was long and graceful,
still and thoughtful,
then perhaps there would be some hope
that I could someday be a beauty, too.”

Slender Sue is coiled tightly,
under fronds that hide her body,
she feels so unsightly,
dreams she could laugh like Leopard Lil.
“If my voice were full and throaty,
deep vibrato, then just maybe
I would find a way to somehow speak my fill.”

Leopard Lil, she lounges, listless,
feeling lonely, and she wishes
she could play without a care like Fara Frog
“My voice is much too scary,
and I know that when they hear me,
everyone will run and hide ‘neath tree and log.”

So remember when you’re voiceless,
all alone, or just unsightly,
that everyone has sometimes been right there.
Wishing that they could be somebody,
someone pretty, someone funny.
More than often, wishing they were just like you.


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