Zen Parenting.

Holy mole’ guacamole! That was the mother of all tantrums. We actually had our windows rolled up and people inside other cars with their windows rolled up were looking over to see what the problem was.

Yes, Sweetheart, at some point in our day we do have to go home. And, yes, I can see that you don’t appreciate the value of that.

Now she is napping. Sans lunch, because when we got home she calmed down only to head back into freak-out-land when she wanted to have “fishies on sandwich”.  I was opening a can of tuna, but evidently that wasn’t what she wanted.

I said that I thought she was too tired to have lunch and that maybe food would sound better after a nap. It was the first thing we agreed on in thirty minutes.

Now, I knew cutting screen time was going to be hard, but I didn’t think it was going to be… ….this. I also knew that I was kind of pushing it with the number of transitions I had going on for us this morning, but again, didn’t expect this negative of a response.

I’m proud of myself today though. I was very, very Zen.

I think that is what I have to be for her right now. She feels so intensely and all at once and melts down and I think that instead of getting upset right along with her I have to be a duck. Let it all just wash right off of me.

Zen Parenting. Be a duck.

Now, I’m going to go watch Bones and regain the energy to keep doing this.


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