Developmentally Appropriate

So, some Fridays we go to the Library for their toddler story-time. I want to take her every Friday, but I find that this particular story time is not really geared for my particular child.

It seems to work well for a lot of the other kids. The quiet kids. The couldn’t-talk-to-a stranger-if-their-life-depended-on-it kids. The sit-down-and-focus kids. The older kids.

That is not my kid.

My kid is the one who, after I tried to explain the concept of strangers, introduced herself to everyone in the room. Then tried to climb into one bewildered father’s lap.  I called her name, shook my head, and she stopped, but still…

My kid is the one who during songs, turns and faces everyone so that she has an audience instead of being part of the group.

My kid is the one who likes the books so much that she can’t sit during the stories because then she can’t see the words and pictures when you move the book.

My kid doesn’t do transitions that well, so when the librarian switches between story and song six times in less than an hour, she loses her stuff.

My kid does not have ADD, ADHD, or ASD, though I have been asked by others if she does. What she has is energy. She has personality. She has a unique temperament. She has a developmental level that is not ready for a lot of organized sit down time.

She will do fine in school. Because we will send her when it is developmentally appropriate.  All the playing, and running, and not sitting with her hands in her lap is all completely normal. It’s developmentally appropriate. There is a reason we don’t send kids to school at three!

Developmentally, she’s right on track. She’s also very bright, curious, and enormously social. She is less interested in the under-her-level stories and more interested in all the fascinating people. She doesn’t have the control yet to focus for long on the things that don’t interest her.

It’s okay. I’m not worried. I just don’t go every week, because it’s a lot of work and it’s not really where she’s at yet. We read for probably an hour every day at home though, so I think we’re good.



6 thoughts on “Developmentally Appropriate

  1. Another idea would be to ask them if you can organize a story time…or maybe just start one at a park or something. I’m sure there are a few other kids/parents out there that would enjoy a storytime that’s more geared on at your daughter’s developmental level. Personally, I would have loved something that was more interactive and would have let me learn through things like actually seeing the book and something that didn’t have too many other kiddos in it.

    And I agree, it’s totally not something to be worried about. She’s doing perfectly fine for a kiddo of her age.

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