A First Birthday Party

Only not. Fiona got to attend her first birthday party for a friend on Saturday. Her friend was turning three. We’ve never done this before, partially because she didn’t have friends her own age and partially because with the food allergies, I have to be pretty good friends with the mother hosting the event or else things, like cake/ice cream/goody-bags, become issues.

In this case, we were able to go. Yay!

Her little friend is adorable and as Fiona says, “My very best friend!” Her mother (my friend – Hi!) was fantastic and the whole thing was very laid back.

Fiona actually did better than I expected. I anticipated that the present part of the party would be traumatic. I mean, after all, she’s only ever been to parties where the presents were for her. I thought that she was going to lose it over not getting presents.

So, I coached her. And coached her. And coached her. I told her the order things would happen in. I told her that it was her friend’s birthday, not hers and that hers would come in July. I told her that there would presents, but that they were ALL for her friend. And that it was our job to be happy for her friend and wish her Happy Birthday.

And when the time came? She did great! I was so proud of her.

On the other hand, later when a little boy took a toy from her, she tried to bite him. More coaching is needed for that…

It was so much stimulation for her, though. There were toys, a bouncy house, an enchanted forest, and tons of new people and kids. I’m so surprised that she didn’t lose it while we were there. She didn’t, but it was a near thing. She lost it one foot outside of the front door as we were leaving. For the entire trip home she cried.

Then she sat in my lap and cried for another twenty minutes. When I tried to figure out why she was crying she just told me she wanted to play with her friend “for always never.”  Which I think roughly translates out of toddler to “forever”.

I asked her some questions about the party. Did she have fun in the bouncy house? Did she have fun in the enchanted forest? Did she have fun at the party? All of which had the answer of yes.

Then she started laughing, hysterically, mixed with a little crying, for another ten minutes.

So, so, so tired and over-stimulated. But really, that’s all the world requires of us. It’s not that we can’t lose it. We just have to wait until we’re alone, or at home, to lose our stuffing.

She did good.


4 thoughts on “A First Birthday Party

  1. Oh how I love this kiddo….I am torn,…really really torn about the fact that I am coming to visit several weeks before her birthday, and on the one hand I want to save the very bestest gift I am bringing for her actual birthday…but on the other hand I really want to be there to see her open her very bestest gift. I counted last night and I have no less than 5 presents for her. 3 Melissa and DougToy Co. sets, a Fiona size totebag full of outdoor toys including bubbles and sidewalk chalk, and the treasure chest. I know she will loose her stuff if I give her all of it at once too.

    Being an aunt who lives very far away is rough stuff….

    So I am thinking about giving her the tote bag right when I arrive, the treasure chest just before I leave, and wrapping the Melissa and Doug toys for her actual birthday party and leaving them with you….especially as one of the Melissa and Doug sets contains the maracas and tamborine *Wicked evil grin*

    • Whatever you decide will be perfect. 🙂 Although, I think if you’re going to give noise makers, you should give them when you’ll be around to enjoy them, too!

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