So, I feel like I’m dropping all the spinning plates today. Lifting weights with my husband on Tuesday has left me too sore to walk right for the last two days. I think I overworked myself a little.

Yesterday, was our weekly volunteer session at the YMCA and Fiona was a wreck for the first hour. So, I went ahead and took on another shift today, so that we would have coverage for when we get visitors at the end of June.

She did better today, but we followed it up with time at the playground with her “very best friend”, and then more time in the garden watering before I finally had lunch at around 2 p.m.

Fiona is at a super defiant, test-everything-I-say stage. She’s cutting her upper two-year-old molars. She hasn’t slept well for days and I can’t give her pain killers for her poor baby teeth because she’s allergic to the God-damned corn-syrup.

I’m so tired, and worn out, and sick of trying, that I’m all teary just writing this.

I’m running on empty. Every time I blink my eyes want to stay shut and my husband wants to lift (upper body instead of lower) again today.  I went ahead and let myself snack on a banana, pop some aspirin, and am typing this over a cup of coffee.

All I want in the whole world is a slice of lemon meringue pie and a 12 hour nap. I think I’m going to take a four-day weekend and get back to you all feeling fresh and cheery on Tuesday, because otherwise you’re going to be hearing a very emo version of Unhappy Mommy in these parts.


4 thoughts on “Crash!

  1. You’re definitely stronger and more functional than I am! Those are the days when I don’t answer my phone and just resort to texting because I’m a sobbing mess. Sorry I couldn’t talk tonight and be there for you. 😦

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