Word Games – No Sleeping!

Why are all my stories from driving in the car?  This deserves pondering and may be a blog post of its own. Our, oh-so-American, dependence on our car worries and annoys me.

Regardless, we were in the car yesterday afternoon coming home from swimming and Fiona was nodding off to sleep. I reached behind me at a stop light and shook her foot.  “No Sleeping!” I commanded, with a smile.

She opened her eyes wide and giggled, “No pillows!”

“No Beds,” I replied,  looking at her in the rear-view mirror, challenging her and waiting to see if we were going to play this game.

She laughed, “No rooms!”

“No houses!” I continued.

“No trees!”
“No dirt.”
“No roads.”
“No signs.”
“No lights.”
“No Electricity.”
“No TV.”
“No phone.”
“No swimming pool.”
“No water.”
“No Garden.”
“No Mountains.”
“No Dirt.”
“No Earth.”
“No Moon.”
“No Sun.”
“No Space.”
“No Places.” She concludes with a little tilt of her head that says that she’s won.

Rereading that conversation, I left out tons of it, because it lasted for a solid ten minutes.

What I loved about the conversation was how much it shows about the way that her world works and how much she understands the connections and categorization of it all. She knows that the Earth, Moon, The Sun, and Space are all places. She connects the water in the swimming pool with the water that we have to put on the garden for it to grow. She understands so much!

I’m glad that she likes words and word games. It’s fun to play them with her and they’re a fun way of learning about how she views and sorts her world.  Also, No Sleeping!


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