101 Posts and, as yet, no crazy rich ladies.

But I did get this shiny Liebster award!

A giant thank you to Semiblind over at https://semiblind.wordpress.com/. I love reading his blog as it’s positively soaking in humor and insight. Go read him! He gave me the award a couple of days ago, but this seemed like the right time to accept it.

I’m a little surprised that I’ve reached 101 posts. I honestly expected that I would write for a little while and then run out of things to say or get annoyed at my own whining. After all, when I started writing, I was unhappy. I was cooped up in a new town, without friends or family, without a car, with a two-year-old.

As it turns out, writing helps and life changes. I’m not cooped up. I have friends. And writing helps. Sitting down everyday (weekdays) and putting my world into words somehow gives me insight into my own life and the chance to see all of our adventures through a more humorous lens.

I need to write, because I needed a voice. One of the interesting things about having a voice is that it doesn’t really feel like you have one if no one is listening.

So, thank you! Thank you for reading! Thank you for commenting! Thank you for letting me spill my rarely proof-read, often jumbled thoughts into your reader feeds and email boxes. Thank you for not calling me out too often on the utter lack of editing.

Thank you for letting me have a voice.

Sadly, I can’t just say thank you and run. Awards come with rules. This one comes with these rules:

1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
2. Link back to the blogger who presented you with the award.
3. Copy and paste the award onto your blog.
4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 bloggers with fewer than 200 followers.
5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving them a comment.

Now the only hard part of this is knowing who has fewer than 200 followers. How do you even guess at something like that? Is there a stats page that tells you? I dunno, so I’m picking newer blogs that haven’t been around long and I’m going to assume (yes, I know) that they won’t mind if I guess wrong about their following. It’s not an insult – I swear!

So, here are my five smaller/newer bloggers:

101 Walks to a Dog – One of my best friends decided she needed some motivation to start getting exercise. So, she and her husband went for a walk and she made a calculated mistake. Go read about her misadventures.

SuperTucksMama – She is amazing. She’s the mother to an amazing little boy who has autism. She is a runner. She is part of my motivation for continuing to try to get in shape. If she can find the time to run in her life, then I sure as heck need to stop my whining and just go work out! All that and she’s wonderfully honest about parenting.

Help 4 Your Family – Written by an Attachment Disorder Therapist, this blog offers wonderful day-to-day insight into parenting. As well as being a great resource for specific problem solving.

And now, I’m giving up on trying to pick more. I have three hours to get myself pulled together and my house clean before the baby sitter gets here (I found one!) and I get my first night out in six months. Thank you for reading, go check these guys out, wish me lots of fun on my date night!


3 thoughts on “101 Posts and, as yet, no crazy rich ladies.

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