One Sick Kitty

I took a sick day yesterday. I didn’t write, didn’t participate, didn’t do anything. Which was a sound decision as I felt like I had been stuck in a spin dryer. The additional sensation of swallowing large rocks was just a bonus feature, I guess.

I, inadvertently, did that once. While I was pregnant with Fiona, I started a load of laundry to “de-wrinkle” it.

As it spun up, I heard a THUMP! …pause …Wa-THUMP!pause….Wa-THUMP! …pause…

At this point I cocked my head to the side and squinted a little as I tried to mentally identify that sound.  Wa-Thump!  Awareness slowly dawned and my eyes opened wide as I RAN to the dryer. I flung it open and and shoved some laundry aside as my cat stumbled out of the dryer, woozed her way across the room and began to lick her hair back into something that less resembled a poorly washed plush toy.

She looked irate in that special way reserved for tumble-dried cats.

Apart from a deep desire to avoid the dryer at a five foot radius from that moment on, she was unharmed. I am also unharmed, but I’d like to figure out what my equivalent dryer is and avoid it.


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