Only Time Will Tell

So, my mother came to visit us. It was great to see her and have her here, even if the trip was short and Fiona was, as expected, in seventh heaven. My mom played with her and cuddled her and generally spoiled her rotten. It was great.

I love it when other people spoil Fiona. As long as I don’t, she usually maintains her usual cheerful, primarily cooperative nature. Like most parents, I love being watching my girl be utterly at peace with the people she loves and who love her.

The problem arises out of the fact that Fiona is just starting to learn about time, dates, and distance. From Fiona’s perspective my mother was gone for a really long time and lives really far away. She was not at all happy about the fact that my mom was only here for one day. She was so unhappy about it that she almost refused to go to bed last night because she was worried that her Grammy would leave before she woke up this morning. She also didn’t want to get up this morning because she understood that Grammy had to leave after breakfast.

She did okay though. The plan is that Grammy will be back for Fiona’s birthday and we’ve been talking enough about that she’s starting to have an idea of when that will be. She seemed sad and a little subdued this morning after we said goodbye, but was not hysterical. She routinely surprises me with how well she does in tough situations; I was expecting worse behavior today.

I wonder how much she really understood our conversation about when Grammy was coming back though. She seemed to, and we’ve been working on months and dates, and when things happen for a while, but she’s still so little, that I can’t be sure. I guess that only time will tell if she can tell time and dates.

As an aside, things will probably get a little sporadic for a while. I’m still recovering from the flu and we have a steady stream of visitors headed our way for a couple of weeks. If all goes well, I will update you with hilarious stories at regular intervals, but I reserve the right to live life instead of just writing about it.


3 thoughts on “Only Time Will Tell

  1. Speaking of which , I am very glad that in between grammys short visit and FIonas birthday, I get to make a long visit. And as you have been warned, i fully intend to spoil her rotten!

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