I do exist!

For the almost last two weeks we’ve had non-stop visitors.  It’s been incredibly fun, and hectic, and, honestly, a little overwhelming. I’m worn out.

We showed people around town, shopped, went for walks, took a trip to San Francisco, and generally had a great and fairly relaxing time. Fiona loves to have people in. She also loves to show off her most defiant, snotty behavior to them. So, there were definitely some wobbles.

I have tons of stories to tell. I also have a sink and counter full of dishes, two weeks worth of laundry, and a kitchen floor that only saw the broom once this week (I think they miss each other).

So, tomorrow I will start in on my glorious pile of stories. You will hear about borrowed eyes, toddler road trips, fish, life and death, and the process of trying to help my daughter let go. Tomorrow.

Today, however, I have a mountain of dishes and alarmingly large piles of laundry to conquer.


2 thoughts on “I do exist!

  1. It may have only seen the brrom once, but the floor got a thorough mopping..cause that was the evening of the broken plate….so let yourself off the hook for the floor….Plus all the bubble soap that fell on the floor prolly did it some good. I had the most incredible time. And have the most amazing memories. Thank you so much for sharing your home, your family, and your affection with me. Miss you tons and Love you Bunches!

  2. I’ll get my pics up tonight, too. It was fun. 🙂 Miss you already. Thanks for letting me come visit.

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