On Clothes

A tid-bit from after the bath last night. Fiona is curled up in a towel and her quilt on her bed, while I find her some pajamas.

“Short sleeves or long sleeves?” I ask her, gesturing at my arms to make it clear what I mean. We run the AC pretty heavily at night or else none of us sleep well.

She giggles, “Enproar.”

“What?” I say, trying to decipher that into a statement about clothes.

She just giggles.

“Which do you want?” I ask again.

“No.” She giggles. “Emp-roar.”

It takes me a second, but I do catch up. “Emperor? You want the Emperor’s new invisible clothes? You want to just be naked?”

She grins. “Yes! I emperor! I naked! Yay!”

She does a happy dance and I start laughing so hard that I have to sit down.

Is it just me, or was the emperor less than thrilled with his own nudity? He’d have been fine with it if he was a member of my household.


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