Juggling (Etsy)

I’ve always been a little jealous of people who can juggle. I don’t have the coordination for it. Or maybe the focus. Or, perhaps, I just don’t have the patience to dedicate towards learning the focus and coordination.

Lately though, I’ve been feeling a little like I’m juggling. How long can that particular project idle along before it’s going to crash and burn again?

How many decisions can I make before I start choosing the wrong one?

So, we’ve chosen to go ahead with enrolling Fiona in preschool. I need some time to just be a grown up. She needs some time with other kid. It’s a nice combo. The nifty trick is that staying home is free, but preschool costs money. So, I have to figure out how to bring in the money that it will cost for her to attend.

I like my little blog here, and I adore of you who take the time to read, but I don’t think it’s a money maker. Or if it is, it’s a little over my head.

So, I’ve decided to give this painting thing a go. I made a little Etsy site and it has a few paintings on it. I’m trying to get some kinks ironed out, so payment is still wonky, but here it is anyhow. AM Painting.

Wish me luck, and if you’re in the market for original acrylics, go check it out!


6 thoughts on “Juggling (Etsy)

  1. When posting your paintings, I would suggest the following captioning convention. It’s what we were taught in Art class for gallery labels:
    “Title”, Size, (Medium)

    “Sailing Skyward”, 11″x14″ (Acryclic on Canvas)

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