Paging the Peanut Gallery

I want to know more about the people who read this blog. I’m feeling like, apart from those of you that comment frequently and those of you that I follow, I don’t really have any idea who I’m writing to.  It’s a little like taking a sheet of paper, writing all of the sweetest things on it and turning it into a paper airplane in a crowded theater. You’re not precisely sure it’s a good idea, but it seems like a cool thing to do.

So, readers, my challenge to you is that you answer these questions. Answer anonymously if you want. Heck, answer synonymously. Include a link to your own blog if you have one. Tell me about yourselves.

1. If you picked one word to describe yourself what would it be?
2. Do you have kids? What if you picked one word to describe them? If you don’t, what do you hope they’re like?
3. Are you happy?
4. What would you tell me if you knew I was listening?

Alright, if no one responds to this, that’s fine, but I  want to hear your voices today. I feel like my own has been rather annoying lately.  Somebody wave to me from the Gallery in this rather dark theater.


13 thoughts on “Paging the Peanut Gallery

  1. Alright, I’ll get you started here…even though you already know me. 🙂

    My new blog:

    1) Loyal or giving…not sure which. Both came to my mind at the same time. /shrug
    2) I have “adopted’ kids…you’re little one, my nephew, my godkids. And I love them all, tantrums and all. I want kids eventually, but I haven’t really thought about what I’d want them to be like.
    3) I am happy….I have some pretty great people in my life.
    4) And that you’re one of the best friends I’ve had in my life and thank you for being my friend and letting me cry on you…even if it’s only over the phone.

  2. 1. Genuine. I am the worst liar I know, and have no poker face, to speak of, I often say exactly what I think (which gets me in toruble more times than not), and I feel things intensely…. so when you get a piece of me, it is pure, unadulterated, and Genuine.
    2. I don’t have kids, though I want kids. I would love to say that what I want is child just like Fiona…without her dietary, insomniac, and definance issues… but I recognize that so much about what is appealing in Fiona is borne in her both out of the adversity she overcomes and the dicotomy of her nature. He sweetest moments are all the more poingiant because of the sharp contrast of her defiant ones. That being said, neither would I specifically say “I want a healthy child” because the strength of my sister’s personality is due in part to the adversities she has overcome and the sweetness of her empathy is colored with burying many of her childhood friends made in similar hospital room situations. I don’t ask for illness or adversity to build character either. I ask only for what the universe deems fit to give me. On that note, what I shall most likely get…is twins…with extremely oposite personailites, preferences, and predispositions, so as to make none of the lessons learned with one applicable to the other. Its my lot in life….
    3. Yes. For no other reason that I have you in my life, my friend, and sister of my heart and my choosing.
    4. Breath. Continue to use your words, paint, dance, sing. You are ultimately responsible for your own joy. So take it, and soak it in from every moment and experieince that you can.

  3. Okay, so you probably know a little about me because you read my blog from time to time, but I think this is a great idea. Way to see who’s paying attention…

    1. Intellectual. Maybe this has more to do with how I want to be seen, how I try to present myself. Maybe it’s a bit stuffy. If you would allow me two words, I’d say I aim for “stoner professor,” even though I don’t smoke.

    2. Mia–Persistent; Ian–amiable

    3. I’m as happy as anyone else, which is to say it comes and goes.

    4. “Thank you–for your writing, your comments, your support, for the people you’ve connected me to, for being my example of great blogging. Thank you for all those things.”

  4. 1) easygoing….at least I try to be!
    2)Yes! A cute lil five week old. “sweet”
    3)yes, I am happy most of the time.
    4) your posts crack me up, your daughter sounds like such a fun kiddo!

  5. 1)introspective
    2)no kids, not sure I want them, but if I do I’d most like them to be not crazy.
    3)Most of the time
    4) keep writing the blog. Its fun to read, and one of these days we should say scrue the gas money and meet somewhere between redding and sacto for coffee. Also at safeway I found safeway brand scones, that are the exact as wagmen’s scones and are deliciouse. I was thrilled and thought youd like to know.

    • That would be a blast. Right now we’re tentatively planning a trip down that direction in September. I have to head to safeway soon, I’ll check out the scones. Though, truth be told, my Grandma would be appalled if she knew that I bought scones.

  6. I love this post. I think I might steal this idea for some other time on my own blog.
    1. Honest (sometimes, too honest)
    2. Daughter #1–Independent (if you allowed two words I’d say “fiercely independent”) and Daughter #2–Smiley
    3. Yes, more often than not
    4. I enjoy your posts–though I’m not as faithful of a follower as I’d like to be of yours and many others, I always enjoy it when I take the time to slow down and read.

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