Fiona likes pictures. I’m actually waiting until I have this post written to add pictures to it, because as soon as I start pulling up pictures on the computer she’s going to be on my lap directing me to look at this picture or that picture. I can stop a tantrum by pulling out a camera to take pictures.

Even as a very little baby, Fiona liked having her photo taken. We have almost no pictures of her crying, even as a tiny baby. By almost six months old Fiona knew what the camera was. She even liked to look at it and take photos with me. So, when she sat up for the first time by herself, I pulled out a camera.

Did you know that most babies sit up unassisted at between 4-7 months? Yeah, so she was right on track for that. No big deal. On the other hand, when I tried to take her photo, she kept toppling forward toward me. I’d put the camera away and she’d sit back up. For most of a day, I tried to get a photo of her sitting. Eventually, I did.

Followed immediately by photos of her crawling towards me for the first time.  Incentive is a powerful thing.

(I learned from this and her first steps came as an attempt to get away from the horrible sensation of fresh green grass. I know, Bad Mommy!)

She has had an ongoing love of cameras and photos. It seems natural then that she should absolutely adore my friend Krisheena who is a photographer ( The feeling is, thankfully, returned, so Fiona is given age appropriate lessons in photography and the supervised chance to play with Krisheena’s camera.
Given all that, her birthday present this year just makes sense. One pink kid-tough camera. She seems happy.

My little shutterbug.


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