Attributes not normally associated

How is your stomach feeling?” I ask her. Checking in again, after feeding her the coveted but normally off-limits yogurt.

She looks up at me, a little wanly, “Mommy, my stomach feels angry.”

“Angry?” I question.

“Yes,” she says. “It keeps growling at me.”

“Oh.” I say and smother a smile.

We decided to food-test dairy yesterday and we tried it with yogurt. It was a partial success. There was no vomiting, but there was tummy upset, and digestive “issues”.

I may try her again on it next week, but with Lactaid. She hasn’t had any dairy in her life, so she probably lacks the enzymes to digest it.  The symptoms she had were very much in keeping with lactose intolerance, so, before I throw the milk out with the bath water, I want to de-confound them.

It would vastly simplify our lives if she could have milk all the time, but this wasn’t that much of a success. I have to say that it was enough of a switch that I’d be willing to let her make the choice to have milk under certain rare circumstances, pizza parties, birthday parties, etc.


One thought on “Attributes not normally associated

  1. Ahh….to be able to have pizza in the open, instead of quietly sicreting it away and relegating it to Fiona-sleep hours. This would go a long way toward making your husband happy.

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