“That” Mom.

So, it’s the end of the first week and we’re all exhausted hereabouts.

Fiona loves school. The school is working with me to improve her food options. Though, to tell the truth, I’m pretty sure that they think that I’m “that” parent at this point.

They asked me to make a list of foods that Fiona could eat that matched up with the foods that they want to serve the other children as closely as possible. More specifically, all of the foods needed to be purchasable at a particular local grocery store. So I did.

As I was dropping it off with the secretary this morning our exchange went like this:

“Here’s that list you asked for. I think I matched up all of the foods pretty closely.” I say, handing her a single sheet of printed paper.

The school’s resident organization guru and secretary took the sheet and glanced over it, “Do you need me to copy this for you?”

“Nope,” I smile. “I’ve got it in my computer. I can print it, if I need another one.”

She snorts softly, “Of course you do.”

I can’t help it. I bust up. She sees me through the tiny super organized lens of my life that revolves around Fiona’s food. And, yeah, when seen through that lens, I’m definitely “that” mom. On the other hand, most of the rest of my life is a careening series of catastrophe’s and near misses.

I’m mostly messy, so it feels very strange to be thought of as an organized control-freak. I’m kind of okay with it though, as long as they treat Fiona well.

On the other hand, Fiona is doing awesome at school and is her usual creative, interesting self. As we were walking into the building this morning,  we stopped to look at a sunflower. It’s flower head was drooping from ripening seeds. I explained that it would stay heavy until all the seeds dropped off and were eaten by squirrels.

Fiona thinks about this for a moment, looks up and me, and seriously asks, “When I am a squirrel, I will eat the seeds?”

I’m never sure what to say to those things. When I am a puppy… When I’m a squirrel… When I’m a Daddy… –None of these are easy to answer. I always want to talk about the second part, but some part of me is divided about the first.

Do I tell her that she’s a person and won’t ever be a puppy or a squirrel? Do I quash her dreams of someday being a daddy? If I start telling her that she can’t do the impossible will she start believing me?

I sure hope not.  Better not to chance it though.


6 thoughts on ““That” Mom.

  1. I feel like one of the tragedies of childhood is that one day they figure out on their own that they can’t be a puppy or a squirrel. One day they realize that the world is not magical and they stop asking. One day they stop dancing in public and start to worry about what other people think about them. It’s a tragedy– but we should all learn from them while they still have that fantastic sense of possibility. So don’t let some narrow-minded shrew make you feel bad because you are doing everything necessary to take care of your daughter– maybe one day she’ll turn into a worm!

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