Let’s play doctor and…

As with so many of the unexpected things that she says it took me a moment to figure out what she’d asked me to play.  We bought her a little kit with a stethoscope and doctors tools and she was busily investigating them.

“Mommy,” she said, breathless with excitement. “Come play with me. We will play doctor and wait. You will be the doctor and I will be the wait!”

I frowned at her, puzzled. “Okay,” I nod slowly. “I will be the doctor and you be the -”

“Wait,” She finishes for me.

It takes me a second because I’m really not all that quick on the uptake. “Oh! Patient! You’ll be the patient!”

“Yes!” She shouts and throws herself on the couch, crying about the crocodile that bit her foot.

I think the exact phrase that led to this moment was, “Fiona, just wait. Be patient!”


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