We Are All Star Dust

“What is it made out of?” Fiona asks me, pointing to the center of her tummy.

“Your body?” I ask.

“Yes.” She answers. “What is my body made out of?”

“Meat!” “Elements.” Jeff and I answer at the same time. I glare at him. I routinely tell her that fish and chicken are “meat”, so that I don’t have to debate vegetarianism with her. It’s not a battle I want right now, especially as I believe that vegetarians are on the side of angels on this one.

“Nope,” She grins, “I made out of outer space.”

I really have no real answer for that. She is right in one respect: the human body is turns out to be 99.99999999% empty space. In fact, all atoms are mostly empty space, if you don’t count the electromagnetic, gravitational, and atomic forces that occupy that space and only count things with mass. Outer space, empty space – how big of a difference is there?

We are all made of nothing. And meat. And elements.


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