House Rules

We are at the wonderful stage of development that involves becoming independent. This is a good thing. It also sucks monkey balls. See, independently going potty, grabbing a snack and playing are all fantastic. However, deciding that the only correct answer when Mom asks you a question is “No!” is not so cool. Neither is fighting every single thing that has to happen in a day.

I was talking to a friend of mine today on the phone and she suggested that we come up with a set of “House Rules”, write them up with glitter and whatnot, and then follow them.

We have a few rules that are always true and so tonight when Fiona started to act up I brought up the idea of house rules. We, all three of us, started suggesting things.

“No hitting,” I said, firmly, as that was the behavior that started the conversation.

“No pushing,” Jeff added.

“No biting,” Fiona suggested.

“No kicking,” I said.

“No eating people.” Jeff said.

“No eating people’s brains.” Fiona concluded.

Those are the house rules. They will be followed. Especially the last two.


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