The Best Questions

As yet, we haven’t hit the why stage and I’m a little disappointed, but not as much as I thought I’d be. I think that it’s because she doesn’t think in terms of simple why and because her vocabulary is large enough that she can as more specific questions. My lack of disappointment though? That comes from the questions I do get asked.

It’s raining here. I know, it’s October, rain isn’t that special. Except that it hasn’t rained here in over three months. It didn’t rain at all in July. Or August. Or September. It was dry. It was hot. It was, once or twice, cloudy. But it did not rain.

When you’re only three years old, three months is a long time. In Fiona’s case it is 7.6% of her life. Not quite long enough to forget rain, but long enough to make it different. Interesting. Question worthy.

This morning as we were walking out the front door, late, struggling to get rain boots, hats, jackets and backpacks organized, she asked me a question. I was glad I heard it over my inducements to come-on and pick-up-your-feet. She turned her face up to the gray sky and with raindrops sprinkling her nose asked, “Mommy is the earth spinning?”

Gob-smacked, blindsided. She asks the best questions. “Yes, Baby, the earth is spinning.”

She’s still not walking forward, but now I don’t care. I’m waiting. Listening. Ready to see where we’re going. “Mommy? Why did it spin to raining?


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