Press the button with a circle and a line through it.

I got a phone call this weekend from a friend. She wanted to pass along a message from another friend, and reader. It was, “Write!”

So, here I am.

There have been so many changes since December that I hardly know where to begin. So I won’t. I’ll simply do what this blog has needed for a while. I’ll reboot it. After all, one can hardly call oneself “Unhappy Mommy” when one get’s to live with the constant joy of a three-year-old at full tilt. There are such wonderful adventures as moving with a young child, emergency room visits, giving stitches to hobby horses, finding avocados in unexpected places, stories to hear about where in space the traveling slippers have gone, and time spent basking in the pure unadulterated joy of a preschooler on her first train ride.

So, here I am. A Happy Mommy Blog. Sharing with you the impossibly imperfect joy that is my life. And the confounding problems that daunt me within this idyllic life.


3 thoughts on “Press the button with a circle and a line through it.

  1. As the noted “friend of a friend” (or, more realistically, just “friend”), I am so happy to see this blog! More importantly, I am excited by your reboot. “Unhappy” never seemed to fit that well as a moniker anyway–you were more Exasperated or Overwhelmed–but Happy is good. Really good. Welcome back!

  2. I second that emotion…although i do know some of the true troughs…but as Truvie would say….laughter through tears is my favorite emotion…and at least you’ve always been able to laugh at the insanities. I LOVE YOU!

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