Bedtime Stories

One of our friends gave Fiona an early birthday present. A subscription to Discover magazine. Now, Discover isn’t a kids magazine (Though there is a Kids Discover Magazine). It’s a fairly accessible general science magazine though. And Fiona loves it.

So, last night we started reading it as a bedtime story. The article that Fiona picked was on dark matter and the nature of the expanding universe. Yeah. So, I read a paragraph and translated it into kid friendly language. And read. And translated. And tried to explain the pictures and graphs in ways that she could understand.

And part of this, was explaining the Big Bang. Which went something like this, “Once about 13.7 billion years ago, that’s a really long time ago, everything that ever was was a tiny speck in the middle of space and then it went BOOM! And everything flew apart really fast. And after years and years gravity pulled all of the stuff together and it turned into stars, and planets, and moons and everything that is.”

And she said, “Nothing went Boom and it was the Big Bang and it made stuff?”


And she got really quiet. I watched the wheels turn in her head. She looked at all the pictures and thought and asked me the question that I think everyone has, “Why did nothing go boom?”

“I think it was more like everything was trying to be in one spot.” I said.

“Well why did it go boom?” She persisted.

“We don’t know yet.” I smiled. She always seems to see straight to the heart of things. “There are lots of scientists who are trying to figure it out.”

“Oh.” She said. The wheels were turning so hard I could almost hear them.

Finally she relaxed against me, “Mommy, I like science.”

Me too, Baby. Me too.


Talk to me, Baby!

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