Reasons to scream:

I won’t let her eat pure sugar.

I won’t let her have a lollypop at 7am.

I won’t let her electrocute herself.

She doesn’t fit inside the box.

She has on pants.

She took off her pants and now she’s cold.

Underwear creates sensations.

I sat at the computer.

We’re not watching My Little Ponies.

Things break.

I won’t let her break everything.


I am not playing with her right this second.

She is not a big girl.

She is not a baby.

I won’t let her play with scissors.

I don’t understand screaming.

I am a box full of Mamas.

She can’t pick up the couch.

I won’t give her a cookie.

We don’t have any cookies.

I’m wearing a black shirt.

We don’t hit.

She doesn’t want to calm down.

And those are just this morning. Ah! Life!


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