I’m totally distracted right now. I should tell you about our fantastic weekend filled with trips to the park and chasing geese, or about the Art and Wine festival we went to, or the doctors appointments and busy week of playdates we have planned, but I’m not going to. I’m distracted. By a video game.

I don’t play very many video games and the ones that I do tend to have a straightforward goal and easy to use interface. They don’t require much coordination, but they do require strategy. So it’s actually pretty rare for me to get fully ensconced in a game, but this one hooked me. My husband picked up Faster Than Light on Steam last week for cheep and handed it off to me with the infamous last words, “Hey, you might get a kick out of this.”

ftl_12 Yeah. Yeah, I really am getting a kick out of this. It’s a simple premise, get to the other side of the galaxy with information for the Federation. Along the way fight off pirates, aliens, and the rebels. Keep your ship fueled up and in good repair, and with a  little luck and planning upgrade your gear. Easy right?

I haven’t made it more than half-way through yet! I’ll get there though!


…it could be a quiet week on the blog front though. We have a mess of things to do and there are messages to deliver.


Talk to me, Baby!

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