Bedtime! Brilliant!

Getting Fiona to sleep is always an adventure. If we’ve followed our entire routine (supper, play or walk, bath, pj’s, teeth brushing, stories, bed), and it is a good day, then when I lay down with her she winds down in 5-15 minutes and falls asleep.

On the other hand, on a night like last night it was a challenge. She needed more water. She needed more food. She needed to go potty.

All the normal kid excuses came out to play.

Finally she sat up in bed and announced to me, “I can’t sleep! My brain is still full of thoughts!”

“Like what, Baby?” I murmured, nearly comatose myself.

“Balloons!” She says, “And special birthday clothes!”

“Do you need special birthday clothes?” I asked, mentally joking to myself about letting her go to her party in her special, on of a kind, birthday suit. In my defense, I should note here that Fiona goes to bed late. This conversation was occurring at 10pm. I really was partially asleep.

“Yes!” She snuggled back into me, then pushed away. Our lack of air-conditioning combined with a heat wave is making cuddling hard.

“Ok.” I agreed. It’s not a bad idea. “Go to sleep.”

She closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep. After a few minutes her eyes popped open wide and she sits up in bed. “Mommy!” she declares, “I am about to be brilliant!”lightbulb

I chuckle in spite of my self-closing eyes, “No doubt.”

She frowns at me, then continues, “A walk! An alone walk! An in the dark outside walk! I could go by myself!”

I squint at her, “You want to go outside by yourself in the dark?”

“With you,” She says, in that teenager “obviously” voice she uses in moments like these.

“Ah.” I say. “Go to sleep.”

“It would be fun.” She grumbles as she lies back down.

I ignore her and focus on pretending to sleep without actually sleeping.

A few more minutes pass, her body relaxes. She starts to drift.

And her eyes pop open again. This time her voice is excited but sleepy, “Mommy, I’m going to be brilliant! Again!”

“Yeah, Baby?” I murmur, so close to sleep I can taste it.

“Yeah,” she murmurs back, her eyes starting to close, “We could…”

And she drifts off to sleep.  Personally, I think it’s a great idea.


Talk to me, Baby!

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