For Peace and Politics

Some months ago…

“Awww….” I said, sipping my coffee and perusing my morning feeds. I tend to spend a little while at my computer every morning looking for all the things that make the world big and round when you can only see a tiny corner of it.

“What, Mama?” Fiona came clambering onto my lap.”What ‘aw’?”

I showed her the picture I’d been looking at. A beautiful wedding photo, the happy couple radiating joy and love as they kissed, both wearing full lovely wedding gowns.

“Awww…” Fiona repeated. Then she giggled, “But they’re both girls.”

“Yep.” I said. “The laws just changed where they live and they can get married now.”

“Oh.” She said in a thoughtful tone. I watched the wheels in her head turn.

After a minute or so, I added, “Mommy and Daddy think that two people who love each other should be able to get married even if they are both boys, or even if they are both girls. More and more people are starting to believe that and so the laws are changing.”

She squints at me, and turns back to the picture on the screen, “Let’s look at more pictures. They are so cute.”

This week…

“And these two are getting married, ” Fiona says to her friend. I glance over at them. Their heads are nearly touching as they play with dolls, glossy black hair against ruffled tawny curls.

Her friend laughs, “No, Fiona. They can’t marry. They’re both girls.”

“They can too!” Fiona sounds outraged.

“Cannot.” Her friend argues.

“They can.” Fiona states. “Two girls can get married here. It’s the law. And they’re my dolls and I said it was okay.”

“But they’re both girls.” The other girl argues. “They can’t!”

“They can!” Fiona’s volume and temper are both rising, so I decide to intervene for the sake of peace and politics.

“Fiona’s right.” I call out, “Here in California it’s okay for two girls to get married. Or for two boys.”

“Oh.” Says the  other girl,”Well not my dolls.”

“These are mine though,” says Fiona with exaggerated patience, “so it’s okay.”

After a few minutes of wedding planning their play returns to a quiet sort of murmuring.

‘Is that true?” Says the girl’s mother, my friend, from across my dining table where we sit sipping coffee, “Isn’t it odd? It doesn’t happen often does it?”

I smile. “It happens fairly often. It isn’t uncommon. It’s a good thing that the laws are changing so that anyone who loves each other can marry. But she’s right, it is the law here. “

She gives me look that I find indecipherable. Truth be told, I think for the sake for peace and politics I’ll not try too hard to figure it out.


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