Gender Awareness

Fiona was sitting playing a video game this morning and I was surfing the net and I happened to over hear a conversation she held entirely with herself.

“Mwua-ha-ha-ha,” She laughed her best deep voiced wicked chuckle as she created some kind of gate across a path blocking her opponent from something.

Then softly said to herself, “Only, I’m a girl.”

And I had just a brief moment to dread her editing herself, changing herself to something softer and gentler in the pursuit of a culturally imposed perception of femininity, before she corrected herself.

“Mwua-ha-ha-ha!” She said again, more loudly, more fiercely, and about an octave higher in pitch.

I smiled to myself. I think I can live with that. Being a girl to her doesn’t mean being less ruthless, it doesn’t mean not chuckling over the defeat of your enemies, it doesn’t mean being softer, or gentler, or sweeter. It does seem to mean that your voice is higher pitched and you don’t have to force it low to be fierce.


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