Especially Fine.

I have a morning routine. It goes like this:
Wake up.
Stare groggily at the clock and wonder if anyone in their right mind actually feels this tired this late in the morning.
Glare at the world as I grudgingly abandon my bed and wander down to my Black  & Decker coffee pot.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been engaged in a four year affair with that coffee pot. I tried to walk away when I was pregnant, but it’s sleek body and mind and body stirring affections drew me back. Truly, it’s all very sordid.

After I engage my liquid sleep aid, I make lunch for my husband and, if we have early plans for the day, Fiona and myself.  Throughout this morning-hating, coffee-brewing, lunch-making process I keep an ear cocked for the sound of my daughters’  commensurate distaste for waking.

Some days she wants me to snuggle. Some days she’ll lay in bed and cry until I come up and then when I ask if she wants to wake up, I’ll be met with a squinty-eyed glare and a firm, “No.”

Then there are days like yesterday. Yesterday, she woke up and I heard her say to the world, “Good morning, Morning!”

As I listened for the sound of her asking for me, or the sound of her coming down the stairs, what I heard was this, “We’ll read a book! We will read the Snuggly Puppy!”

“First the puppy is messy. But his mommy still loves him. She is not mad. Then the puppy and mommy dance. Then we sing, Oh Snuggle Puppy of mine. Everything about you is especially fine.” She read, then sang. She repeated the song a few times then ended on. “Snuggly Puppy. I LOVE YOU!”

If you haven’t had the joy of this particular book, you should check it out. Sandra Boynton writes a  simple, and very sweet, little love song. I enjoy reading/singing it to Fiona and, as it turns out, she apparently enjoys it too.

And, for the record,  the phrase “especially fine” when sung by a three year old is as adorable as you might imagine and a fantastic way to start the day.