Squeaky = Mean

I am squeaky this morning. I have laryngitis, having inevitably caught Fiona’s cold. Oddly, Fiona thinks that I’m making fun of her.

When she whines at me normally, I echo back what I hear and then tell her how I want to hear her ask for stuff. Nice voice. Nice words. Evidently, she hasn’t liked that much. I may want to figure out a different way of conveying what I hear.

She keeps telling me that I’m a mean mama. I’ve tried to explain that I caught her cold and now I’m squeaky, but she’s skeptical. Poor kid.

I am definitely ready for us to be past this round of illness though. I’m done. I want to get back to all the amazing things we were doing before.


2 thoughts on “Squeaky = Mean

  1. I think I agree with Fiona…not on the mean part, but that the mimicry is probably very unappealing. I understand your logic, but sometimes whining is unintentional, it just comes out as expressed emotion, It is ok to tell her that you don’t like her tone, and she should try asking again with a nice voice, asking her to take a deep breath and be conscious of her tone, but mocking her tone back at her when she may not be aware of it doesn’t jive with the rest of your no-humiliation policy.

    Hope you feel better lady, and keep your chin up.

    • There’s truth. I just hadn’t seen it from her perspective.
      There was definitely no malace or mocking from my point of view, I just know that it can be hard to know what your tone sounds like to other people, so it can be hard to regulate.
      I guess she felt differently. :-/

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